Premium quality tilapia for outstanding taste and texture
Uniform thickness for consistent cooking time
Low fat, high protein fish attracts the health conscious
Vacuum packed and deep skinned to preserve freshness with 100% yield

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Thawing Instructions:

Thaw overnight in refrigerator, then rinse lightly with cold running water and drain well. Or, for a quick thaw, place in colander under cold running water for 5-7 minutes.

Cooking Instructions:

Bake, microwave, broil, grill, poach or smoked. Fish is done when opaque and firm.

Other Information:

  • Weight: 10 oz.
  • Case Pack: 12/10oz.
  • Ingredients: Tilapia

Nutrition Facts:

  • Calories: 80
  • Total Fat: 1.5 g
  • Cholesterol: 45 mg
  • Sodium: 45 mg
  • Total Carbohydrate: 0
  • Protein: 17 g

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