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Tai Foong’s Commitment to Sustainability

At Tai Foong, we source our seafood from handpicked locations off the Pacific coastline. Byworking with local fishermen and marine scientists, it’s a matter of pride here to bring you fresh, wholesome seafood without harming the environment.

Support of Local Livelihoods

Every night, the fishermen sail just off the Pacific coast, catching shrimp and other seafood in the dark from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. on their boats. It’s not an easy job, but it’s their livelihood, and they’re proud of what they do.

So when their catch reaches us at Tai Foong, we ensure it’s processed right away so that we can preserve that amazing freshness, nutrition, and taste. Our chefs respect the ingredients the whole time and no harmful chemicals are ever added.

Sustainable, Always

By working with local fishermen, Tai Foong supports sustainable practices that ensure the protection of the ecosystem so that the fisheries remain thriving for future generations.

We work with fishermen who follow trade practices that were taught to them by their fathers and grandfathers so that it’s never about maximizing their catch, but about fishing responsibly, and sustainably at all times. Here’s how do they do this:

The fishermen use a special kind of net to avoid bycatch, particularly sea turtles which are allowed to swim away through holes in the net designed for them. This way, the fishermen only collect the fish they need, without harming the other creatures.

These nets are pulled underwater at just the right height so that they don’t disturb the soil below or catch aquatic life beyond the species they need. The fishermen also avoid overfishing by using their own small and medium-size boats instead of large ones so that they never catch more than they need to. Bycatch is also sent back into the ocean straight from the boat.

Data-Driven Environmental Protection

But even while we depend on these fishermen for fresh, sustainable seafood, we also work with marine scientists to gather data on the ecosystem and scientifically monitor overfishing, bycatch, and the overall health of the fisheries so that we can effectively prevent environmental harm.

Responsibility You Can Taste

We believe in what we do here at Tai Foong and you will never see us compromise on our quality and responsibility toward sustainable practices. We source only sustainable seafood and are always grateful to the local fishermen who work hard to provide us with their amazing catch.

So, when you take bite of any one of our seafood products, remember that it’s fresh, hand-caught, and 100% environment-friendly. That’s our commitment to sustainability, and to you.